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Are Bleeding Gums a Sign of Gum Disease?

gumdisease (1)Bleeding gums when you brush your teeth is often a sign of gum disease. Regular check-ups with your dentist help prevent gum disease or detect it at an early stage when easier to treat.

Key takeaways:

-   Left untreated, gum disease can result in tooth loss, and the infection may even spread to other parts of the body.
-   Severe gum disease affects below the gum line, resulting in the gums pulling away from the teeth.
-   Certain medications, health conditions and genetics can also increase the risk of gum disease.
-   The bacteria in gum disease can travel throughout the blood vessels in the body, causing them to become inflamed - leading to heart disease and other medical conditions.

"Bleeding gums are a definite sign of gum disease. Without treatment at this stage, the gingivitis is likely to progress to periodontitis, the more severe form of gum disease."

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